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Roof Lanterns

Bring Light into your Extension

Transform your existing Extension with a roof lantern or incorporate one into your new design. A roof lantern will transform your design creating an eye catching focal point that will be the starting point of many guests conversations for years to come.

Roof lanterns can be notoriously bulky, with two large "dust bin lid type" under cladding that severly mimimise the total glass area, with our new lantern roof system we no longer require these and our ridge is almost 1/3 narrower than the typical lantern, giving you a more slim line lantern and maximazing the total glass area.

What you can expect as standard:

  1. Add a focal point to your home.
  2. Optional Self Cleaning Glass for Convenience.
  3. Available in uPVC, Aluminium.
  4. A Choice of Colours
  5. Toughened Safety Toughened to all

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