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Double Glazed Timber Windows

Traditional, Solid and Modern

Retain or return you property's full, original characteristics with our traditional hand built timber windows. Made from the finest timber, sourced from only sustainable, managed forests. You can be sure our timber windows will be very hard to beat in both affordability and quality

Our traditional timber windows come complete with all  the modern benefits you would normally only find in uPVC windows. Available in either Douglas Fir Softwood or Oak Hardwood and finished with a high quality waterproof paint, you won't have to paint for many years to come.

What you can expect as standard:

  1. 24mm double glazing
  2. Lockable window handles
  3. Softwood, Douglas Fir with Oak sills
  4. Hardwood option, Oak
  5. Finished with a water based microporous paint
  6. Traditional lead weighted sashes - optional

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